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Ship AI Features Better & Faster

Don't waste months building a chatbot that can only answer questions and redirect users to support. With Rehance, your copilot can perform every task that your users can, in addition to answering questions.

Unblock Your Users Instantly

Your software is complex, so your users are bound to get stuck. Unblock them in the best way possible: by solving their problem.

❌ Send them to a tutorial

❌ Connect them with a support agent

✅ Perform their task for them

Unlock a Product Data Gold Mine

Your users will get addicted to getting unblocked and automating their workflows with your copilot. Analyze its usage data to figure out what you can improve in your SaaS to make users happier.

“Why Shouldn't I Just Use the ChatGPT API?”

Well... you could! But you'd have to figure out how to get it to actually do stuff. That's not so easy. We've built a system that's so powerful it writes code to perform complex tasks for users.

✅ Answers questions accurately

✅ Performs tasks on users' behalf

✅ Connects with your frontend

✅ Super easy to set up and deploy


    name: "Design Signup/Login Page",
    description: "For this task, refer to the..."
    tags: ["design"],
    assignee: "user_1999"

    name: "Build Signup/Login front-end",
    description: "Recommended tech stack: OAuth..."
    tags: ["engineering"],
    assignee: "user_2002"
Jason Louro

We're making AI practical in real software.

Ernesto Gonzalez

Hey, we're Jason & Ernesto 👋 the co-founders of Rehance. We saw that amid all this AI hype, the copilots and assistants being built were just glorified chatbots—answering basic questions, providing cliché text suggestions, sending you to support...

We're building for your SaaS what self-driving is to a car. Users can just tell it where they want to go, and it'll get them there.

If that sounds like something that would benefit your software and your users, we invite you to give it a try and let us know what we can improve.

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