We’re using AI all wrong.

OpenAI brought along a paradigm shift, and yet we’re still using AI to build features that are barely useful to our customers.

Chatbots that answer questions and send you to support. Canned, cliché-sounding text suggestions. Tiny iterations on what already existed pre-GPT.

We should be thinking about AI as a personal assistant for users.

A copilot that guides each user through their experience with the product. One that can not only answer questions but actually do things.

In Notion, you might ask it to “create a new database with a page for each of our team members and their bios.” In Linear, “create all issues necessary for building the authentication flow.” In Wordpress, “generate three versions of this homepage for A/B testing.”

And our assistants will get those things done.

Introducing Rehance, a platform for creating and integrating an AI assistant into any software. In three steps you can ship one to your users tomorrow.

— Define the actions users can take in your application.

— Provide the relevant context and user data.

— Embed our chat interface into your app, and we’ll convert your users’ requests into function calls that you can execute.

In a few years, every piece of software will include a built-in AI assistant. Don’t be the last to implement it in your vertical.

Lead the charge.


Jason & Ernesto
Cofounders @ Rehance