Elevate Your Payroll Software with Smart AI Assistance

Integrate an AI assistant into your payroll software to streamline payroll processes, calculate payments, handle tax filings, and more. Enhance user experience and efficiency with Rehance.

Intelligently helps users calculate employee payments, handle tax filings, and generate payroll reports in your app.
Strictly validates output and requires user confirmation.
Integrate in minutes with our drop-in JS script.

Addressing Payroll Complexities With Ease...

Whether your users are calculating salaries, deducting taxes, or distributing paychecks, they can rely on the assistant for accurate, on-the-fly assistance.

See every user request and the context around it.
Use the data to improve your app's UX.
Track completion rates and tasks automated for your users.

Effortlessly Solving Payroll Queries.

Beyond just guiding users through your platform’s features, the AI assistant actively performs payroll tasks for them, from adjustments in pay to generating tax reports.

Connected to your app's operations. Strictly validated.
Pulls in data from your app's context to make decisions.
Integrated in minutes with our drop-in JS script or via API.

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What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software automates the process of paying salaried, hourly, and contingent employees. Beyond mere calculation of wages and salary distributions, it ensures compliance with taxing authorities, manages deductions, keeps precise records, and facilitates direct deposits. This software category is designed to streamline payroll operations, reduce errors, and maintain compliance with tax laws and regulations, thereby saving businesses time and reducing overhead costs.

Increase User Satisfaction & Reduce Churn with AI

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