Enhance Your Video Email Software with AI

Integrate a smart AI assistant into your video email software to revolutionize the way users create, send, and track video emails. Elevate user experience and increase productivity with Rehance.

Intelligently helps users craft personalized video messages, set up video email campaigns, and track viewer engagement in your app.
Strictly validates output and requires user confirmation.
Integrate in minutes with our drop-in JS script.

Streamlining Video Email Creation...

Whether users are crafting personalized video messages or setting up video email campaigns, our AI assistant can guide them through the process seamlessly.

See every user request and the context around it.
Use the data to improve your app's UX.
Track completion rates and tasks automated for your users.

And Enhancing Engagement.

Our AI assistant doesn't just help users send video emails; it provides actionable insights to improve open rates and viewer engagement, turning data into strategy.

Connected to your app's operations. Strictly validated.
Pulls in data from your app's context to make decisions.
Integrated in minutes with our drop-in JS script or via API.

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What is Video Email Software?

Video Email Software enables businesses and individuals to send emails that include video content. This type of software often includes features for creating, editing, and sending video messages, as well as tools for tracking engagement and performance. Video email software is used to enhance marketing campaigns, improve communication strategies, and build personal connections with recipients through the power of video.

Increase User Satisfaction & Reduce Churn with AI

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