Top Chatbase Alternatives in 2024 — Custom ChatGPTs For Your App

We have found 5 alternatives to Chatbase, the Custom ChatGPT solution for your website. Updated for 2024.

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Chatbase is a custom GPT builder for your website. It lets you create a bot that can access your website's data or knowledge base and answer users' questions. It also integrates with lots of other tools, like Slack, Bubble, WordPress and others, to fetch data or add the Chatbase chatbot to the site.

In this article, we'll explore some of the top Chatbase alternatives in 2024. We have found 5 alternatives to Chatbase, all allowing you to add a custom ChatGPT to your website or SaaS.

1. Rehance

We'd be remiss not to kick things off with Rehance, a more powerful alternative to Chatbase. With Rehance, you can add an AI-powered copilot to your SaaS app that can perform all the same tasks that your users can—and it can combine them, automate them, and remix them for maximum efficiency. So while Chatbase offers a chatbot that only knows how to answer questions, Rehance's AI copilot can actually get things done for your users, and that's where it shines as an alternative to Chatbase.

Rehance is free for up to 100 messages per month, and can handle more than 3000 messages per month on the $99/mo business plan. You can find out more about Rehance here.

The Rehance interface

2. Drift

Drift's Conversation Cloud platform is a chatbot builder for businesses to embed into their products or websites. It's targeted specifically for B2B SaaS, and starts at $2,500/month as their "small business" plan. Yikes!

Let's check out more affordable options.

3. Botpress

Botpress is a conversational AI platform that helps individuals and teams design, build and deploy chatbots for different applications. It's available in over 100 languages and is powered by ChatGPT, just like Chatbase!

Botpress offers a free plan that's fairly generous, with 5 included bots, 2,000 monthly messages, and up to 3 collaborators. However, that only includes $5 of "AI spend credits", so presumably your bots will not be powered by AI beyond the $5/mo spend limit.

4. is a simple and effective SaaS that scans your website, help center, and other resources, then produces a Chatbot for you that can generate AI-powered answers to customer questions. Just like Chatbase! Pricing starts at $52/mo for up to 1,000 chats per month. integrates with the company's other product offerings, which include knowledge base, helpdesk, and live chat products to address all your customer experience needs.

5. Tidio

Tidio is an AI-powered customer service platform that includes an AI Chatbot named Lyro who can answer customer questions and reduce your churn. They boast clients like Uber, Patagonia, Netflix, and more.

Tidio's AI chatbot pricing starts at $39/mo for up to 200 conversations per month.


That's it for our list of Chatbase alternatives! These options should all deliver much of what Chatbase offers in its custom ChatGPT platform. Of course, we're partial to our own solution Rehance—at least for software that's feature-rich and in need of automation.