Elevate Your Cash Flow Management Software with AI

Integrate a smart AI assistant into your Cash Flow Management Software to empower users with real-time insights, automated reporting, and proactive cash management. Boost your software's value and user experience with Rehance.

Intelligently helps users automated cash flow forecasting, tracking payments and receipts, and proactive financial planning and advice in your app.
Strictly validates output and requires user confirmation.
Integrate in minutes with our drop-in JS script.

Identifying Cash Flow Challenges...

Users often struggle with forecasting, tracking payments, and identifying cash flow trends. Our AI assistant steps in to offer instant support and solutions.

See every user request and the context around it.
Use the data to improve your app's UX.
Track completion rates and tasks automated for your users.

And Offering Intelligent Solutions.

Beyond troubleshooting, the AI assistant provides actionable advice, automates tasks, and enhances decision-making by predicting cash flow needs.

Connected to your app's operations. Strictly validated.
Pulls in data from your app's context to make decisions.
Integrated in minutes with our drop-in JS script or via API.

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Increase User Satisfaction & Reduce Churn with AI

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