Creating a Rehance Account

Let's get started.

Rehance is a tool that you can plug into your website to process user input — typed into a chat-like interface in plain text — into a set of instructions for your application to execute. It's quite flexible and should adapt to your application's needs. This guide will walk you through the process of creating your Rehance account and setting up your integration.


To install Rehance on your site, you'll need a developer to add a small amount of Javascript (or set up a custom integration via our API). As part of the integration process, you'll connect Rehance's output (a set of instructions for your application) to your application's business logic.

You can get started without a developer, but you'll need some understanding of the types of operations you're looking to support and how they map to your application's supported operations.

Creating an Account

You can create a free account here at Each free account comes with 100 free requests per month, so you can set up your integration and ensure that it works as expected. During the account creation process, you'll be onboarded through the creation of your first App. An App is a collection of supported operations and data types. Depending on the complexity of your web app, it may make sense to separate your operations into multiple Apps. In most cases, though, you should do everything in one App, as separate Apps can't share data and are billed separately.

Next up is setting up your first app's Actions.